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“I've often thought that asking for help with clutter clean up would be a frustrating and embarrassing feat. Arlene Williams at Bona Fide Organizing (BFO)quickly dispelled the myth. She recently completed a cleanup project at our property in Oakville, Ontario and cleared out 9 years worth of collecting (or in our teenagers son's case, hoarding) and just plain STUFF!

Arlene was extremely respectful, professional, thorough and efficient.

I cannot thank you enough for handling what would have been a very timely and frustrating experience. We are extremely busy professionals and the fact that we needed to get this done quickly (prior to the very anticipated visit from parents) made Arlene's efficiency even more vital.

I was equally impressed with the manner in which BFO addressed my concerns for privacy.

We could not be happier with the result.  You will more than likely be hearing from us again, should we encounter similar circumstances."



Homeowner in Oakville

“Bona Fide Organizing has been my saving grace. As a busy professional with various responsibilities in both my career and personal life, it is sometimes hard to keep a neat and tidy home much less find items from clothing, jewelry, household bills to tools. Being constantly on the go means not always finding the time to store things neatly and in a manner that is logical.

What Arlene and her company does, goes beyond simply giving you the tools of good housekeeping. Arlene also has a wonderful sense of style which she incorporates in her work.

By meeting with me and getting an understanding of my lifestyle, she was able to recommend and implement storage systems that created a living room that was livable, recognizable and pleasing.”



Homeowner in Toronto

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Bona Fide Organizing provides professional organizing services - real solutions, true results for your organizing challenges.

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Our goal is to providing guidance and support to those in need of freedom from clutter.


"As an avid outdoorsman, in particular fly-fishing, it became a challenge to keep my fly tying room in order.  It was in such  disarray that as a joke, a family member placed police caution tape on the door! This struck a nerve and my quest to establish some order begun...

I searched the web through pages of organization articles and thankfully I decided on BONA FIDE ORGANIZING.

I consulted with Arlene and she recommended a needs assessment of my area of concern. As embarrassed as I was for her to see the room, my mind was immediately put at ease as she assured me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Within the first half hour of the organizing session, Arlene identified that I had duplicates and triplicates of fly tying material (hooks, feathers, etc.) as well as tools. I was in shock! I was purchasing these products each season as I didn't realize I already had these items...this represented hundreds of dollars wasted. For crying out loud I could have opened my own tackle store!!

Thank you Bona Fide Organizing for the savings.  My room looks phenomenal and is once again functional!"


Bill S,

Homeowner in Burlington

Eliminate clutter, suitable storage solutions, ability to locate items, find space - details like these can transform spaces and your life!

At Bona Fide Organizing, we provide home and office professional organizing services in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and surrounding areas. Our goal is to help you feel less overwhelmed, reduce stress and control the chaos. We will guide you through the organizing process, offer encouraging advice and provide practical organizing solutions to help you let go of items and eliminate clutter. Together, we show you how to organize your life and create functional spaces for your home or office that suits your personality and lifestyle.


We will discuss your organizing challenges, define your goals and schedule a meet and greet for further evaluation.

​​​​​Organize Your Life!

  • Our complete attention
  • Trustworthy advice
  • Care and compassion
  • Friendly and non-judgmental attitudes
  • Respect for you and your belongings.

Bona Fide Organizing takes great pride in providing professional organizing services for your home or office. 

Our focus is on you. We provide you with:


organized living room

Areas of focus

  • Clutter removal and organizing for all areas of home and office 
  • Space planning
  • Time management
  • Paper management
  • Storage solutions
  • Home office
  • Kitchen and closet
  • Photo, music and memorabilia organizing
  • Seniors downsizing
  • Moves/Relocation
  • Family management